We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Sovereign Custodians of the land on which we live and work. We extend our respects to their Ancestors and all First Nations peoples and Elders past, present, and future.
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Agency x NGV Rubbish on the Shore symposium

Rubbish on the Shore is a cross-cultural think-tank that explores design solutions for ghost net and associated marine debris impacting First Nations communities and Sea Country across Northern Australia.

The Rubbish on the Shore | Symposium event follows a three-day think-tank on Miwatj Country with Indigenous leaders from over 20 First Nations rangers groups, and a delegation of experts from educational institutions, professionals working within the design and architecture sectors, material scientists, marine biologists and data analysts.

Join Agency Projects and NGV for a series of insightful conversations where we will unpack what lessons have been learned and how design thinking and collaborative conversation can seed solutions to the issues impacting Australia’s oceans and waterways.

Bookings required. Click here to secure your tickets.

This advocacy event is presented by Agency Projects with the support of: Gumatj Aboriginal Corporation, Federal Government Ghostnet Taskforce, Parks Australia, The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS), and Sea Shepherd.
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Image courtesy Sea Shepherd Australia.