We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Sovereign Custodians of the land on which we live and work. We extend our respects to their Ancestors and all First Nations peoples and Elders past, present, and future.

Kyra Mancktelow: Unconstitutional Love

Unconstitutional Love centred around a wedding dress that honours the artist’s Ancestors. With this work, Kyra continues to explore the history of garments in Australia as a means by which to address the ongoing impact of colonisation in this nation.

“Until the 1960s, Indigenous Australians could only marry with government permission. These garments and prints investigate long-lasting legacies of colonialism, asking questions such as how we remember and acknowledge these histories. My hope is to draw upon the strength of resistance by adapting, retaining cultural ways and identity.” Quandamooka artist, Kyra Mancktelow.

Unconstitutional Love was presented at West Space in partnership with Agency Projects.

Detail of Kyra Mancktelow work at West Space exhibition in February 2024. Photo by Emily Seif.